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LifeLine Skin Care came to me via a colleague and friend who was working for the company.  I knew that she, like me, is choosy about what products she will stand behind.  If she believed in it that it was at least worth trying.  I met with her and was very excited about the process of NON-embryonic stem cell  production that The International Stem Cell Company (ISCO) had discovered.  They utilize healthy volunteers between the age of 19-29 and extract human oocytes ( egg cells - don't worry, they have millions) and then put them through a process called  parthenogenesis, which "tricks" the egg into thinking it's been fertilized.  It then goes through rapid cell division .  These cells (called pluripotent cells ) have the capability to become any cell in the body (but not an embryo because there is only one set of DNA).  It is full of growth factors, peptides and enzymes that can be utilized to repair damaged cells (ie. damaged skin). 

There are other lines out there that use adult stem cells, but they do not have the same quality of substances that the pluripotent cell does.  There are also lines that use plant stem cells - and although these stem cells have some fantastic substances that are good for your skin, they don't have the ability to REPAIR damaged HUMAN cells.   Another limitation of other lines is that the molecule is too large to penetrate the skin.  While it has some nice ingredients, it can only sit on the surface of the skin.  Lifeline has developed a method to deliver these vital substances into the skin via 5-micron nanosphere.  It order to penetrate the skin at all, a substance has to be 40 microns or smaller, and the smaller, the better absorption. 

The other thing I really liked about this line is that it was sort of created by accident while a Russian scientist, Dr. Elena Revazova, was trying to  look for a cure for diabetes, which had taken her daughter's life.  She founded ISCO and began working on curing many diseases.  They are currently on the verge of a cure for Parkinsons Disease.  This skin cell line is helping fund this research.

All that sounded great, but I'm not about to stand by something I haven't tried out myself...and I really wasn't planning on carrying any skin care at all.  So in  July, I began using this line in a half-face informal study on my own face against one of the industry leaders that I was using at the time, but that was significantly more expensive.    I have to admit that I wanted this to be better than the leader because I like to root for the underdog.  So I put the Lifeline on the right side of my face, which tends to have less damage due to the sun exposure that the left side gets from driving in a car (assuming you drive).   Within only a few weeks I began noticing a huge difference and realized that LifeLine was up to the test of being placed on the "bad" side of my face.   August through October, I tested this out.  The first thing I noticed was pore size decrease.  Then, I noticed that the overall texture of my skin had improved and it became more firm.  Next, one of my favorite benefits, is that the brown spots I was developing on my bad side were fading and I wasn't even using a specific lightener!  Finally, and the most unexpected difference I noticed a couple months into using LifeLine is that  a surgical scar on my neck was barely visible any more.  Not only has the scar faded, but the sagging skin that highlighted it had become more firm. 

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